Thursday, 7 January 2016

100 days of happy. Day 7

 Great way to spend a Thursday night. I think their making a Star Wars fan of me :). Its getting scary but I am surrounded by 4 men 2 on each side so I think I'm safe from the dark side. One of my protectors is my boyfriend and its great to spend some quality time with him during the week!! We are watching the film in a cute, little converted theatre with one screen which means cheap prices and a nice atmosphere :).

On my way there and back I have been listening to some music which has lifted my spirits on my lonely journey! One song in particular played as i walked to get on my next bus. This might sound weird but the music and lyrics made it feel like my sound track as I walked alone through the busy city centre. The song is "Let Me In" by Olly Murs. I was listening to his Never Been Better album (my guilty pleasure.) It was mainly the lyrics to the chorus that spoke to me, they go:
 "let me in and i will save you from the madness, let me in and I will keep you from the storm... I'll be here to break your fall" 
(as a very clumsy person that last line has two meanings for me haha.) I feel lucky to have a lot of people (sadly not Olly himself lol) that I can let in and they will save me from my madness everytime!!!

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