Monday, 11 January 2016

100 days of happy. Day 11

Happy me after great workout at the gym with my bestie :)!! I actually feel more awake for it which feels a bit backwards to me but it does work; letting off endorphins making me feel great. Only downside I really need a shower haha. 

Well I think its those endorphins hitting me and making me so productive. My sister helped me switch my room around and free up loads more space. The state of my room often affects my mood, now i feel like i can do so much more in it :) and I have finally been able to put up my 2016 calander. Not just that I cooked tea and made a healthly lunch for tomorrow from the leftovers. Done all the dishes, emptyed the bin and had that all important shower. Now I can relax and enjoy the rest of my evening. 

My happy song for today is Katy Perry "Roar." One of my all time favourate feel good songs.

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