Friday, 1 January 2016

100 days of happy. Day 1 2016

Well, I made it through the that positive enough. Oh, but what a night it was! I let in the new year in the best way ever; with 3 amazing friends, my big sister and some drink.
My happy thing for today is that one of my great friends from university (who was at my amazing new year's bash) moved home after uni but is now returning to the pool!!! :) I can't wait for lots of great and crazy times with him and my other mates in 2016.
The good times began last night, when we  celebrated the New Year in style, and now he's back for good so let the good times roll.
My happy song for the day is Bruno Mars Uptown Funk. We did our best dancing to it in the very early hours of today. As soon as it came on, my friend and I ran to my living room dance floor and went crazy. It's one of those true feel good songs that makes for some very interesting and, well, mad dancing!
That's how I welcome the new year.

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