Monday, 21 August 2017

Crazy Little Me!!!

Ok so I have just recently, over the last few months, been on my own personal (fast and crazy) rollercoaster my head. Some people may have already guessed and maybe by my previous post 'Life as a Coin' (which I wrote while I was high) yep I have Bipolar Disorder: Rapid Cycling (Just like Stephen Fry: that's how cool I am lol.) But I promise I am not high or low anymore: right now you are just talking to just Cerys... hi!!! 

I want to write this to help others, as Bipolar although said to be rare, is quite common and there are even plenty more celebrities to name. Also this could help people with depression and my low mood could be described as a depressive episode!! My highs on the other hand could be described as manic but they are still depression just Manic Depession so they still (although much, much better and more fun than the low) aren't much fun. When high I can often cry for Britain over nothing, which feels horrible: like I am a little kid again and I struggle to breath, the cry is that bad!! 

Ok so I don't really know what I actually want to write inn this post. I am trying to think what is most important to tell you about My Bipolar (My By.) I guess I am just aiming for spreading awareness of (what I would call) this Horrible Disorder. 

I guess what I never realised is I could not have picked a better name for my blog back in 2014, when I was perfectly well. As recently and when My By first popped up inside me when I was 17 (2009) I have been literally been Fighting 4 Fitness... against myself really and it has never been easy!! 

I think I want to leave this post short and sweet, hopefully leave you wanting more!! :) 

Please comment if their is anything you would like to know about Bipolar in general or My By. To be honest I am more of an 'expert' on My By than Bipolar as everyone's Bipolar is so, so different from what I have seen which is something I would like to go into in more detail in a future post!! But I would be more than happy to try and answer any questions!!

Also comment to share your stories or experiences of Bipolar or even Depression I would be interested to know more. 

Monday, 3 July 2017

Life as a coin

Hi! Is this just me... ??



Ok... so which coin are you now??