Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fighting temptation

We can fight it too!!!!

Recently my own fight against temptation has been a very big challenge, not as bad as when I was in uni and had all the stress of eso resays and exams which ment I didn't really fight at all. However I still have times when I crave more than usual and temptation is everywhere! Especially because I live right by 2 Sayers, 3 costa's and 2 pizza places to name a few. So what stops me from giving in to my cravings and helps me fight all this temptation. I'm going to talk about this over the next couple weeks to try help myself and others in the same boat tackle this issue. I would love feedback or new ideas from people on these topic maybe personal stories, inspiration or advice for others!! So please comment under the blog or send me an email to
These are my topics for the next few posts and more if I think of any.

Fitness class


Must Read- Cosmopolitan Body

Exercise and food diary's
I have a new job now and this has brought its own challenges and stresses but what's really helping me at the moment is the support I get from my friends and family and my amazing boyfriend. From today I am going to review my diet and start it again. A new beginning, step by step. I may start slow at first but I will fight and get my fitness back. This weeks first step is less fizzy drinks and junk food, wish me luck!!
As always I will leave you with a song for inspiration and a feel good attitude. So "take risk, take a chance, make a change." You can do anything just "spread your wings."


Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Uni Days are over!!!

This post is not going to be completely focused on health and fitness, I want to dedicate it to an amazing three years spent with some great people at university. Although in a way it is about fiighing for fitness becuase it has been my experiences in university and the people I have met which have helped me to choose to change my lifestyle and be fitter. Some of the people have lost the weight throughout their time at uni and are a big inspiration for me to keep pushing myself to lose. Others like me are still on the journey and are doing amazingly I know we will get there soon!! Then there are those who have supported me, always helped me feel good about myself and reach my goals,  like my amazing boyfriend :). So I am going to use this post to commemorate all my uni days, the amazing people I've met and memories we've made along the way.
The photo above is of two of my best friends from uni and myself posing by a beautiful fountain on the university campus. The top photo is us in our first year and the bottom one is us a few weeks ago on one of our final days of uni. From left to right it is Molly, Sinead and me on the end, what a journey we've been on and oh how we've changed.  We have been very close from first year and there is no changing that now we have to go our separate ways.

As well as these two beauties I have met a lot of amazing people at uni who have supported me with my studies, weight loss and made each day memorable. We've had chilled days on campus or at the park, crazy nights out, fab theme parties and so many good times. I thought I would include a few pictures to illustrate all my memories from over the past three years!! 

This week my song is sung by Sinead and myself from our favourite musical Wicked, which we are going to see in the Empire in September :D. Its a song about friendship and how good friends can change us for the better. My favourite line is 'You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart.' This statement is so true for all the people I have met at uni; some of them have imparted wisdom on me, some have made me laugh and they have all given me amzing memories to cherish forever!!! I know even if we do not see each other as much they will still be with me!!

Now that my uni days are all over I guess I need to begin the next chapter of my life :s #growingupissues.

Good old uni days!!

Sunday, 23 March 2014


So we are now 2 weeks and 5 days into lent and I have successfully given up fizzy drinks for that many days. I started doing this to try to help me with my diet I’ve heard if you can do without something for 40 day it’s easier to give it up or have less in the long run. I think fizzy drinks, especially coca-cola, is something I have needed to cut out of my diet for along time now and although its hard because I used to drink them a lot its going well so far.

I also wanted to drink more healthier drinks as this is something I am not very good at. Instead of pop I’ve been drinking more flavoured water, juice and smoothes. I can’t say I have not been tempted but all in all I’m staying strong. One of my other friends has given up alcohol which wasn’t easy the other night on St Patrick’s Day but he’s doing really well too and my friend and one of her work mates have given up chocolate together, thats what I call team work.

Recently I watched a funny episode of Father Ted about Lent called ‘Cigarettes and Alcohol and Rollerblading’ which I thought was quite fitting and want to share this with you now. In this episode the three main characters each give up something they are very much addicted to. Father Ted gives up smoking cigarettes, Father Jack gives up the booze (well more like Father Ted hides it) and Father Dougle (my favourate character who is a little ditsy) gives up rollerblading. They don't last a night without all sneaking out to the shed to secretly releave their craving but of course catching each other in the act. Ted decides he needs to take action and so he calls for the help of a strict nun to help them keep their lent promises. Although they were not expecting her military regime aiming to pull these lads into shape. This episode really made me think, wow I must be doing okay as I have not yet needed to inlist the help of a military nun to make sure I keep to my lent promise.

I also wanted to use this post to let you know that I will have to take a break from blogging whilst I finish the last 7 weeks of my university course. I'm not giving it up for lent but just taking a break and I will continue with this blog in the near future.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Sinead Gleeson's story

This week I want to do something a bit different, a profile of one of my best friends from University as she continues her successful journey of losing weight and becoming fitter. She is my Irish buddy, Sinead, who is 22 and like me is studying a BA Education Childhood and Youth student at Liverpool Hope University. She has lost almost 2 stone already with Slimming World and is doing so well at making a healthier lifestyle for herself.

Just a little while ago Sinead wasn't very active but through determination has started doing zumba, walking more and comes out with us a lot more than she used to around Liverpool day and night!! She has had problems with her ankles which did become a barrier for her but she now powers through it and has made great progress.

The photo on the right is of (in order) Rose, Me and Sinead posing for facebook after a hard workout at zumba.

She started Slimming World with the support of her sisters back in Ireland and goes to one by herself with an equally supportive group in Liverpool. She is always singing the club's praises and I think it has been just what she needed to kick start her weight loss. I had to share with you a picture of her membership cards as I think the motivational phrases are brilliant.

Slimming World - link to website.

I know I speak for all of Sinead's friends and family when I say we are so proud of you for this amazing step you are taking in your life and we love you no matter what. Everyone wants the best for you Sinead and knows you can do anything you put your mind to!

The photo above is of Sinead (on the left) and me on our girls day. We had to go to 'Simply Be' as Sinead had a massive wardrobe malfunction. Her leggings were too big as she had dropped two dress sizes so we bought her some fancy blue leggings and then decided to do a bit of modelling before we left. New cover girls, I think so ;).

As I said earlier Sinead and I are currently students and we are in our last year. For Sinead one of her main goals is to slim down and look her best for graduation in July. A more long term goal is to one day give back and help others like herself make the same brave leap and have a successful weight loss. She talked to her own Slimming World consultant this week about this and she said Sinead would make a brilliant consultant and be very supportive and understanding. Well I have to agree and wish you all the best with this goal Sinead.

This week instead of putting up a youtube clip Sinead and I decided to record a song  together and we had lots of fun doing it. I've put together a little video for Sinead which she hasn't seen yet so I hope she likes it! We sung 'I'll stand by you' by Girls Aloud as in our friendship group we all support each other through this no matter what and it helps so much to have your friends be there for you always!!