Sunday, 31 August 2014

Fighting temptation

We can fight it too!!!!

Recently my own fight against temptation has been a very big challenge, not as bad as when I was in uni and had all the stress of eso resays and exams which ment I didn't really fight at all. However I still have times when I crave more than usual and temptation is everywhere! Especially because I live right by 2 Sayers, 3 costa's and 2 pizza places to name a few. So what stops me from giving in to my cravings and helps me fight all this temptation. I'm going to talk about this over the next couple weeks to try help myself and others in the same boat tackle this issue. I would love feedback or new ideas from people on these topic maybe personal stories, inspiration or advice for others!! So please comment under the blog or send me an email to
These are my topics for the next few posts and more if I think of any.

Fitness class


Must Read- Cosmopolitan Body

Exercise and food diary's
I have a new job now and this has brought its own challenges and stresses but what's really helping me at the moment is the support I get from my friends and family and my amazing boyfriend. From today I am going to review my diet and start it again. A new beginning, step by step. I may start slow at first but I will fight and get my fitness back. This weeks first step is less fizzy drinks and junk food, wish me luck!!
As always I will leave you with a song for inspiration and a feel good attitude. So "take risk, take a chance, make a change." You can do anything just "spread your wings."


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