Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Uni Days are over!!!

This post is not going to be completely focused on health and fitness, I want to dedicate it to an amazing three years spent with some great people at university. Although in a way it is about fiighing for fitness becuase it has been my experiences in university and the people I have met which have helped me to choose to change my lifestyle and be fitter. Some of the people have lost the weight throughout their time at uni and are a big inspiration for me to keep pushing myself to lose. Others like me are still on the journey and are doing amazingly I know we will get there soon!! Then there are those who have supported me, always helped me feel good about myself and reach my goals,  like my amazing boyfriend :). So I am going to use this post to commemorate all my uni days, the amazing people I've met and memories we've made along the way.
The photo above is of two of my best friends from uni and myself posing by a beautiful fountain on the university campus. The top photo is us in our first year and the bottom one is us a few weeks ago on one of our final days of uni. From left to right it is Molly, Sinead and me on the end, what a journey we've been on and oh how we've changed.  We have been very close from first year and there is no changing that now we have to go our separate ways.

As well as these two beauties I have met a lot of amazing people at uni who have supported me with my studies, weight loss and made each day memorable. We've had chilled days on campus or at the park, crazy nights out, fab theme parties and so many good times. I thought I would include a few pictures to illustrate all my memories from over the past three years!! 

This week my song is sung by Sinead and myself from our favourite musical Wicked, which we are going to see in the Empire in September :D. Its a song about friendship and how good friends can change us for the better. My favourite line is 'You'll be with me like a handprint on my heart.' This statement is so true for all the people I have met at uni; some of them have imparted wisdom on me, some have made me laugh and they have all given me amzing memories to cherish forever!!! I know even if we do not see each other as much they will still be with me!!

Now that my uni days are all over I guess I need to begin the next chapter of my life :s #growingupissues.

Good old uni days!!

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