Friday, 7 March 2014

Sinead Gleeson's story

This week I want to do something a bit different, a profile of one of my best friends from University as she continues her successful journey of losing weight and becoming fitter. She is my Irish buddy, Sinead, who is 22 and like me is studying a BA Education Childhood and Youth student at Liverpool Hope University. She has lost almost 2 stone already with Slimming World and is doing so well at making a healthier lifestyle for herself.

Just a little while ago Sinead wasn't very active but through determination has started doing zumba, walking more and comes out with us a lot more than she used to around Liverpool day and night!! She has had problems with her ankles which did become a barrier for her but she now powers through it and has made great progress.

The photo on the right is of (in order) Rose, Me and Sinead posing for facebook after a hard workout at zumba.

She started Slimming World with the support of her sisters back in Ireland and goes to one by herself with an equally supportive group in Liverpool. She is always singing the club's praises and I think it has been just what she needed to kick start her weight loss. I had to share with you a picture of her membership cards as I think the motivational phrases are brilliant.

Slimming World - link to website.

I know I speak for all of Sinead's friends and family when I say we are so proud of you for this amazing step you are taking in your life and we love you no matter what. Everyone wants the best for you Sinead and knows you can do anything you put your mind to!

The photo above is of Sinead (on the left) and me on our girls day. We had to go to 'Simply Be' as Sinead had a massive wardrobe malfunction. Her leggings were too big as she had dropped two dress sizes so we bought her some fancy blue leggings and then decided to do a bit of modelling before we left. New cover girls, I think so ;).

As I said earlier Sinead and I are currently students and we are in our last year. For Sinead one of her main goals is to slim down and look her best for graduation in July. A more long term goal is to one day give back and help others like herself make the same brave leap and have a successful weight loss. She talked to her own Slimming World consultant this week about this and she said Sinead would make a brilliant consultant and be very supportive and understanding. Well I have to agree and wish you all the best with this goal Sinead.

This week instead of putting up a youtube clip Sinead and I decided to record a song  together and we had lots of fun doing it. I've put together a little video for Sinead which she hasn't seen yet so I hope she likes it! We sung 'I'll stand by you' by Girls Aloud as in our friendship group we all support each other through this no matter what and it helps so much to have your friends be there for you always!!

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