Friday, 21 February 2014


A lot of people associate the gym with negative things such as expensive membership you never use or school gym classes most people try to get out of.  

I'm sure we'd all go if he was there! So this week I want to write about what the GYM means to me and I am not just talking about these two examples I have given, I am just talking about any place people use to exercise. I want to put a more positive spin on the word, so I'm going to to spell out for you.
G is for goals. Lot of people make goals relating to being healthier for example, when my friend and I go swimming each week we aim to do more lengths than the last. Another goal is drinking less alcohol and more water. I am aiming to do one form of exercise per day starting next Monday (wish me luck.) Some people aim to get fit, lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Whatever your goal is it may help to keep a log so you stay on track like I am going to do with my exercise plan. Places like gyms often have tips and advice for becoming healthier and classes like aerobics which can be a great way to exercise socially at your own pace and aim to push yourself each week as you get fitter. Also long term goals such as slimming down for a holiday or special occasion can help push you to continue the hard work because it will be worth it in the end. I've seen a quote from Nelson Mandela used a lot this week to motivate people to keep working for their fitness goals. He said “It always seems Impossible until it’s done.” So just know when you feel in a rut it can be done there are many examples of success out there and one day although it may not feel like it at the moment you will be part of a success story of your own.

Y is for YOLO. Yes I'm using this much loved phase You Only Live Once (YOLO) but not for its most popular purpose. I am saying you should live your life to the full and live to your best, as healthy and fit as you want to be. Be good to your body so you can live for as long as humanly possible. Someone who I think has done this and is still doing it now is Rosemary Conley.  She is an inspiration to anyone trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle as well as being a successful health and fitness guru. At the age of 67 she is still saying YOLO as she carries on fighting for her impressive business and in 2012 when she competed in Dancing on Ice. I would not mind looking like her when I'm her age!

M is for move it. Exercise is really good for us and sometimes it’s as simple as moving around a little. Housework, walks in the park or getting off the bus a stop earlier, it doesn't have to be something massive or intense. I love one of the phrases my friends use which is from slimming world, they call it ‘Body Magic.’ It makes it sound so cool and fun.  But it has been said that all magic comes with a price, in this case though I think it’s worth it. On the slimming world site they say “You don’t have to do a tremendous amount of activity for it to be effective – the important thing is to get out of your chair and begin to move more, more often.” They also list all the amazing benefits of this body magic so have a look for yourself. M is also for money, signing up for a gym membership may cost a lot but think of all the money you spend on fast food and then maybe use it for the gym. Or there are many free alternatives such as a walk in the park, jogging or using your home as your own gym. 

Slimming World

Might even change your life! We stick together! You're not alone!- Little Mix, Change Your Life. 

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