Friday, 14 February 2014


I decided to call my blog fighting 4 fitness because sometimes changing your life style can feel like a mental fight to ditch bad eating habits and become more active. A fight to motivate ourselves, a fight against those ever so tempting treats and, at the moment, a fight against this awful weather. But it is a fight we can win! Especially if we do it together, buddy up and the process will become easier as you support each other through it and make it more fun together.  I know that it helps me so much to have my friends with me as we all are trying to lose weight and become healthier. A few of my friends come to Zumba with me, I love dancing anyway so I love going every week and with them I always have a laugh. I think it works best if you use your own hobbies and interest, as exercise might give you that extra push to get up and go. Another great thing me and my friend do to support each other is swap personal stories of are ups and downs, advice about what has worked for us and motivate each other to keep going. 

We can all get tempted to go off plan and just have a naughty treat or two, my instructor did a talk about this the other week and I thought it might be helpful here. She was explaining how a lot of people will make allowances and say things like the diet will start again tomorrow, or Monday, or next week. But she said don’t put it off, draw a line under it there and then and start being good again straight away. Jump back on the wagon as soon as possible!

Being active in this weather can be hard and it is much easier to make excuses and put it off. We don’t have to go out and face the cold, there are so many great activities we can do from the warmth of our own home or nearby gym. So it’s time to get motivated and get moving! I’ve already mentioned one of my favourites, Zumba, you could also put some music on in the house and dance around or use the stairs to run up and down a few times or just use the bottom step. Do exercises like star jumps or jogging on the spot for example and all from the comfort of your own home. The link below has some more examples that might be up your street.

Personal goals can also help keep us motivated and level the battlefield. One of my personal goals is to fit into a top I bought but in a size too small, when I went to see one of my favourite musicals last year, 'Wicked'. I’m going to see it again this year at the end of September and want to flaunt my ‘I <3 Wicked’ top in front of all my friends. I have hung the top up so I look at it every day to keep me going. Some of my friends use graduation as a goal as they want to look their best in that picture which they will keep forever. It could be anything big or small that is important to you and will keep you motivated. Short and long term goals can give us that extra push also painting pictures in our heads of how we want to be for example being more active or rocking that bikini in summer, or maybe even some of these goals...

This isn’t easy but if you stick to it and fight for what you want you will succeed. I want to finish with a song that inspires me to keep fighting or climbing to reach my goals even when it seems impossible. We can do this!

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