Saturday, 2 January 2016

100 days of happy. Day 2

Wow I am leaving it a bit late tonight but I have not long got home and had my tea with my boyfriend. This being said it has been a day full of happy things. We are late home because we have been to see my best friend dance in a panto :). Before the show even begun we were in fits of laughter at the older members of her family. We were laughing because the three of them walked up the stairs away from the lift to the theatre and had to come back down in a small lift to take the normal lift up to the theatre haha (laughing again as i write this.) This is my higlight for today like i said there has been lots of happy moments from recieving a late christmas present that I love and singing in the car like I just don't care! But the panto gigle is my main happy moment for today and when I look back at it I think I will always chuckle to myself at what an amazing moment it truely was. The panto was brillant as it is every year but also slightly sad as it is the last panto the group will do.
And my happy song for today is "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" by Monty Python. This came on as we left the the theatre and I (of course) had to sing along. It made me think about how this is the very message I am trying to put across with my 100 day of happy challange and by looking at a situation from the bright side you can make a bad situation better. For example it is pretty sad that the panto is ending this year but they have had many good plays since 1952 and the cast and their devoted auidence many who went to watch year after year have many great times and laughs to remember.

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